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Skito Equalizer Pads for Sale

There are so many choices out there today for saddle pads, and how do you know the right pad to select?   Of course there's trial and error, but that can get pretty expensive. Surely any good quality pad that evenly distributes the rider's weight over the saddle area can work, however we have found that the Skito Equalizer pad is the perfect complement to the Bob Marshall Sports Saddles, and you won't find a better quality pad in the market.


The Skito Equalizer pad is custom made to fit the size and the shape of your Bob Marshall Sports saddle, or for that matter, any saddle in which you enjoy riding.


The Skito pad provides you with such a comfortable ride, for both you and your horse, by distributing the rider's weight more evenly over the whole saddle area. It is washable for easy maintenance, and remember to take the inserts out before washing. These outstanding saddle pads are of the highest quality and are available in three thicknesses:  1/2", 3/4" (standard) and 1". 


They can also be made in a variety of sizes to fit non-Sports Saddles also, such as English, or Aussie, Western, bareback, etc. The specially designed open cell foam pad inside the Skito pad cuts down on heat buildup and moisture and reduces potential fatigue during riding.  For the Treeless Saddle advocate, all foams inserts are beveled to eliminate pressure points and allow your leg to lay closer to your horse

 The Dry Back Skito pad is designed to release heat and moisture from the large back muscle into the atmosphere. On the top of the saddle there is the Nomad matting by 3M which enables air to to be distributed under the saddle while the wool fleece bottom wicks the heat laden perspiration to the open cell foam insert which acts as a dense sponge pulling moisture and heat away from your horse to the surface of the pad. Amazing!  


Please give me a call to go over the details of the Skito Equalizer pad and the choices you have!  

Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pads

Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pads have to be the best invention since ice cream! Using it under your Skito equalizer pad, or any other saddle pad that you enjoy using, will prevent your horse's sweat from reaching your saddle pad.


Your horse will sweat naturally and freely down the sides and back without any restrictions and, by doing so, you'll be preventing infections, fungus, bacteria and mold to thrive which are caused by a dirty saddle pad or a pad that has been put away without sufficiently drying first. In addition to all of the above, your horse will be happy because his or her back will be a lot cooler!


It's guaranteed not to ice up in the winter and, as a matter of fact, the fibers that compose the Dixie midnight will soften at your horse's body temperature and conform to your horse's back and it won't crease or lump up.


This terrific pad will keep your saddle pad dry and it is guaranteed to perform as described when used properly, or your money back!

The Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pads are composed of interlocking, large and open cell polymer fibers which create thousands of air spaces. The air spaces allow the air to flow over your horse's back, keeping your horse cooler even under a very fuzzy saddle pad.

Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pads
Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pads

The pads come in rectangles in 10 different sizes (from 36" x 24" to 36" x 58"), depending on the size and the shape of your saddle and the saddle pad you're using it under. Ranchers love them, trainers love them, 100 mile endurance riders love them, and anyone who wonders what to do with a soaking wet saddle pad after riding loves them. In no way does the Dixie Midnight pad interfere with your horse's natural cooling process of sweating. What it does is stop the sweat from reaching your saddle pad, regardless of the temperature or humidity. It's so easy to care for too! Just hose it down after riding! It is also antibacterial and anti fungal. Just give me a call and I can help you determine which of the ten sizes would be just right for you. When your Dixie Midnight  pad arrives, you can trim it, using regular kitchen scissors, to mirror the shape of your saddle pad and I will gladly walk you through it if you have any questions about how to accomplish this. Easy!

Dixie Midnight Saddle Pads price guide

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