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Endurance saddle info Welcome to an incomparable experience! The three styles of endurance saddles the Saddlery offers can be used for pleasure riding, trail riding, endurance riding and even long distance riding such as the Tevis Cup competition. It's one of the few saddles on the market today that keeps the rider comfortable, secure, well-balanced, while providing close contact with your horse. You'll see how much more relaxed and responsive your horse is when you are riding in a Bob Marshall Sports saddle. And it will amaze you to feel how lightweight it is, as well!

Bob Marshall Endurance Saddles

Bob Marshall Endurance Saddles


  • 14″ to 16″ seats

  • Choice of heavy chocolate or black Endurance leather seat

  • Endurance pommel

  • 3″ endurance cantle with no cheyenne roll

  • Large chaps flap

  • Endurance rigging

  • Endurance stirrups w/rubber cushion tread

  • 10″ or 12″ russet leather fenders Extra

  • Approximate Weight: 15 lbs
    (fenders add approx. 1 lb)

Basic Endurance

Basic Endurance bob marshall saddles for sal


  • Choice of chocolate or black Endurance leather seat

  • Show pommel with 3″ (#18) leather horn – Front slightly heavier than basic endurance pommel 4″ cantle with cheyenne roll

  • Silver conchos/carriers

  • Medium oil finish

  • Smooth russet skirt leather

  • Large plain chaps

  • Endurance rigging

  • Hoof Pick Pocket

  • 2″ or 3″ leather stirrups available

  • 10″ or 12″ russet leather fenders

  • Approximate Weight: 20 lbs
    (fenders add approx. 1 lb)

Deluxe Endurance

Delux Endyrance Bob Marshall Saddle for sale


  • 14″ – 16″ Seats

  • Chocolate or Black Endurance Leather

  • Endurance Pommel

  • New trail rigging with slide bar

  • 4″ dished seat – No Cheyenne Roll

  • Round Skirt

  • Large Cinch D-rings

  • Large rear Cinch D-rings

  • Large Chaps

  • 2 sets of D’s under Pommel

  • Front Conchos & Carnes

  • Crupper Ring

  • Peaked high
    – Fundus available at extra cost
    – All saddles can customized to fir your needs

Endurance SS Plantation Black

Endurance SS Plantation Black
Bob Marshall Saddles
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