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Have you seen a Bob Marshall Barrel Racer Saddle in action?

If you're interested in taking the barrel racing circuit by storm, ride in one of our Bob Marshall treeless barrel racer sport saddles!

Competitors say that their horses are running stronger, and are turning their barrels faster and smoother. It's so exciting to see how freely your horse can move and turn. Riders have been telling me over the past several years that they sit much tighter to their horse when turning and jumping out from the barrels.

Over the past 14 years, we have heard so many stories of how successful barrel racers have been in their competitions when riding in a Bob Marshall barrel racer sports saddle. Cutting seconds off your time is priceless!  And they happen to also be beautiful! 

They come in a variety of style choices, round skirt or square skirt, and are priced from $1,200 and up. You can have a saddle that is as fancy or as simple as your tastes and budget dictate. I doubt you'll find a more comfortable saddle on the market today. And, who wouldn't want to ride or compete in comfort while maintaining such close contact with your horse? 

These barrel racer saddles have a nice deep seat, a 5-inch cantle, which provides security for the rider, as well.

Most riders who have never ridden in a treeless saddle are unaware that you do not have to "fit your horse."  It's important to fit the rider well.  That's why so many trainers love these saddles.....they can go from one horse to another to another, regardless of the size or shape of the horse, since these saddles will conform to the shape of any horse once it is broken in.  So it is important to make sure that the rider is comfortable and riding in the correct size for the rider, and is using a quality saddle pad under the saddle. 

Believe me, your horse will be comfortable, pick up on your leg cues immediately, and who wouldn't want that?  Think of the money you can save also, by purchasing a Bob Marshall barrel racing saddle!  Many riders have to buy two or more saddles if they have multiple horses they ride.  With Bob Marshall barrel racers, you only need one saddle!

The only question you should be asking now is "how soon can I get one?"

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