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Proudly Featuring Genuine

Bob Marshall Saddles 

Whether you're a beginning rider or a seasoned trainer, Savvy Sports Saddle offers the extensive line of Bob Marshall saddles for sale, as well as Skito Equalizer pads and Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent pads for folks who trail ride, barrel race and/or enjoy endurance riding.

Bob Marshall Treeless Sports Saddles offer a natural approach to horsemanship. We also know that if the rider is comfortable, the horse will be, as well. You will enrich your riding experience and accentuate the bond between you and your horse when you ride in one of these saddles. We can guide you through the process of determining the proper fit for you and your horse for ultimate comfort and pleasure. Once you start riding in a Bob Marshall saddle you'll see why we are so enthused about bringing these saddles to you!

On the website, you'll see our 'catalog' saddles with a variety of choices. Bob Marshall saddle designed endurance, barrel racer, and trail rider style and within each of these three categories, you can select the one that fits your taste and budget. We work with each customer on an individual basis, through phone, and through email, taking our time to understand your riding style, your needs, wants and what's most important for you and your horse. Then we pair you with the best Bob Marshall Saddle.

Bob Marshall Treeless Saddls for Sale

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

We will gladly help you select the perfect Bob Marshall Treeless saddle that will allow both you and your horse to ride in comfort, and we can even help you design or customize a saddle made exclusively for you. We believe that every rider should enjoy the comfort that Bob Marshall Saddles offer and they are made right here in the USA! We had the pleasure of visiting Bob at the Saddlery in Kentucky a few years ago and were able to see exactly how the saddles are made. They are not manufactured on a huge assembly line in a factory, they are individually hand-made.

Bob Marshall Treeless Sports Saddles

There are many reasons that Bob Marshall Treeless Saddles have become popular among riders who value a close fit and real connection to their horse. The saddle's construction is revolutionary, allowing maximum comfort and fit, for both the rider and the horse.


The way it's designed when cinched, the saddle conforms to the horse's shoulders and back, and allows for freedom of movement. You will find that your horse's movements at a trot, or at full speed, are much steadier than in ordinary western saddles, providing excellent communication and conditions for training, barrel racing, endurance riding or simply riding the trail.


In fact, the Bob Marshall Treeless Saddle design fits most horses deemed "hard to fit" because the saddle allows the horse to move freely and feel at ease. This is a huge benefit for people looking to train a horse for barrel racing, trail riding or teaching a new horse to ride for the first time. 

Bob Marshall Treeless Saddles for Sale


Can I Buy A Used Bob Marshall Saddle?

There may be some places like Craigslist or Facebook for used Bob Marshall Saddles, however, we are an authorized dealer and only sell brand new saddles. You can have a saddle built for you, based on your own specifications and requests.  There also may be some in-stock saddles to choose from, which means they are already built, and many are ready for shipment within 24 hours.  Others that are considered 'in-stock' saddles are almost finished; the parts are done and when an order is placed for that specific saddle, the saddlery will complete it and ship it out to you in approximately two weeks!

How Much Is A Bob Marshall Saddle

There are many options available when buying a Bob Marshall Saddle such as adding fenders to your order, or a breast collar, or even a rear cinch.  Designs can include your choice of tooling, such as different choices of border tooling, hand tooling (fully tooled), or for those who like things kept simple, NO tooling.  There is a price list on the site for your review, and you can always give me a call at either number listed and we will work out the pricing together.


It's important to understand all of the options available and get the right fit for you and your horse, and we like to tailor a new Bob Marshall Saddle to your specific needs. So just give us a call any time (I am in Florida on eastern time) to get the price quote for a new saddle today. is an authorized Bob Marshall Saddle dealer

Bob Marshall Saddles
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